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Module II: Oseoarticular System 

  • Biomechanical Fulcrums mediated by the SNS

  • Joint Space: Vertical dimension and quanta 

  • Sacral dysfunction patterns: ascended sacrum, descended sacrum, anterior vertical rotation, posterior vertical rotation 

  • Whiplash phenomenon: descended sacrum, fibrosis of the spinal cord, compression of the brainstem in the foramen magnum

  • Biomechanical dysfunctions: Type I, Type II, Type III

  • Type I fascial relationships

  • Fascial Fulcrums for the joint capsule, intra-articular space, articular blood supply, synovium, intra-articular drainage

  • Fascial Fulcrums for coracoid ligaments

  • Fascial Fulcrums for the arch of the foot, hypertonicity of the extenders, cuneiform rotation, tibiotalar dorsiflexion, fascial compartments of the foot

  • Biomechanical Fulcrums of the foot: transverse tarsal joint, metatarsal tarsus, posterior subluxation of the head of the 5th metatarsal, shear of the head of the 4th metatarsal, torsion of the metatarsal heads

  • Introduction to “Osseous Bridging” / Calcification phenomenon: sacrum, pelvic floor, MMSS, MMII

  • ANS Template: bone bruise, ossification (osseous bridging), sacral plexus, sacrotuberous ligaments, SI joint mobility, connective tissue ossification, spinals disc, annulus fibrosis, nucleus pulposus, descended phenomenon

  • Physiological motility: hard, arachnoid, pious, bone, cartilage

  • Aberrant physiological motility: bone bruise

  • Bone Bruise technique 

  • Diagnostic scans: spine, dura mater, arachnoid mater, pia mater 

  • Regulatory Reflex Points: “osseous bridging”, control OA joint, C1- L5 vertebrae, S1-S5, coccyx 1-2, periosteum, cartilage, Type III biomechanical dysfunction, cortex/trabecula junction, cranial intraosseous decompression, osteoporosis, brainstem, duramater motility (craniosacral), meninges, neuronal plasticity, cervical pain, sacrococcygeal joint, cervical and lumbar lordosis, dorsal kyphosis, postural alignment, pelvic floor trauma, pelvic decompression, conus medularis release, tendon, joint, capsule, synovium , ligament adhesion, muscle-bone spindle adhesion, thoracic vertebra-emotions 

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